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Flight From Key West To Cuba Ends 50-year Dry Spell

Key West Mayor Craig Cates, waves goodbye as he boards a chartered aircraft headed to Havana, Cuba. Dec. 30, 2013 "This is just a test run," Horton said. "Whether this is going to come and be a regular service I don't believe has been determined yet." Federal officials granted Key West the green light to resume flights to and from the island country in October 2011. It took more than two years, however, for the first flight to take off. Charter operators said they had trouble getting all of the required approvals from U.S. and Cuban authorities. They have also struggled with capacity issues: Key West is currently only approved to process 10 passengers and crew from Cuba at a time. Cuba and Key West have a long and interwoven history. Before the 1959 revolution, there was regular flight and ferry service to the island. Residents could fly to Havana for lunch and be back in Key West in time for dinner.
Full story: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/flight-from-key-west-to-cuba-ends-50-year-dry-spell/

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