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Adam Lind Would Love To Make A Sex Tape With Farrah Abraham | Reality Tv Magazine

adam-lind-wants-to-make-sex-tape-farrah-abraham His plan for achieving this lofty goal? Starring in a Farrah Abraham sex tape ! According to an insider for In Touch , Adam is eager to get into the porn world and thinks that Farrah would make the perfect partnerHe thinks they could really rake in a lot of money since theyre both celebrities. Although she is flattered by his interest, Farrah does not want to make a sex tape with Adam Lind. As far as shes concerned, the http://www.farrahabrahamsextapes.net reality star is just one of several guys desperate to get in on this very profitable gig. She recently told In Touch, A million boys want to make a tape with me. Adam falls into that category. Fans are not surprised by Farrahs lack of desire to create a new sex tape, but many seem to think that she is interested in returning to Teen Mom. Recent gossip on Twitter points to renewed negotiations between Farrah and MTV.
Source http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2014/12/12/adam-lind-would-love-to-make-a-sex-tape-with-farrah-abraham/

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